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Mecspe 2019


“In this world of motors, races and extreme performance we are at ease “. Where excellence in everything is expected as the standard, from automotive to the production of medical items, BMB finds its natural place. And it is precisely amongst these artisan laboratories and these small and medium-sized factories of Emilia Romagna – a mirror of an efficient and envied Italy- that every year BMB installs the largest number of Hybrid and Full Electric machines, with high speed and repeatability as performance parameters.
What BMB is focused on in this important technological location is enhancing speed. The goal is ambitious: to increase productivity and reduce processing costs. The Hybrid and Full Electric Series of BMB aim to offer the best ratio on the market between energy consumption and processed raw material (kWh/kg), a true performance index, where reliability and quality are always constant.
The production line exhibited at MECSPE 2019 (hall 6-stand J51) is an excellent example of high efficiency for the food packaging sector, but the system can be extended to many other types of production.

eKW 22Pi/1300 Hybrid

eKW 22Pi/1300 Hybrid, thanks to the direct electric drives used on both the plasticizing screw and the clamping unit combined with hydraulically accumulated injection phase to maximize injection speed at a high specific injection pressure – the eKW 22Pi / 1300 Hybrid offers the perfect balance between productivity, reduced energy consumption and unrivaled long term reliability.


Octonogal Food Container