KW patented clamping system.

Magnetostrictive transducers on all movements.

Colour touch screen microprocessor.

Quick replacement of plastification unit.

In line hydraulic motor.

Moog servo-valve.

Voith gears pump.

Inverter on pump motor unit.

Accumulators on all working phases.

Direct torque electric motor.


A series of high-performance machines that has proven crucial to the growth of BMB and has been constantly updated and improved to provide multiple operational benefits and total reliability due to its specific technical characteristics i.e. generous platen dimensions, Voith gear pump, thread rolled tie bars both tempered and hard chromed and the bronze nuts in sturdy nickel chrome-molybdenum, in-line hydraulic motor or direct torque electric motor for screw rotation, magnetostrictive transducers on all movements and a central accumulator system for all working phases of the machine.

The universally recognized and admired KW clamping system, that due to its unique design combines the best features of a traditional toggle mechanism and a direct hydraulic clamp system with its linkages that bends outwards during the opening phase.
With this design greater opening and closing speeds are achievable with perfect parallelism assured. In addition, longer opening strokes and zero deflection of the platens are inherent features.

The particular geometry of the toggle mechanism means that the clamping force is not only applied to the centre of the mould but is uniform over the whole surface of the mould.

The injection piston, which is perfectly balanced in oil-hydraulic terms, is directly connected to the plasticizing screw and rotates during the dosing phase.

This solution is used to eliminate the necessity of wear parts such as thrust bearings, which are normally mounted on the piston,

Application of a motor for screw rotation, is on the same axis of the piston for better performance.

The Moog servo-valve that works in a closed loop for speed and pressure, perfectly controls the filling phase and hold phases.

Remote assistance allows diagnosis and interventions on the injection molding machines control system. Communication with eKW Series machines uses a network connection via TCP / IP software installed on the PC that will communicate with the machine.
In moulding departments this means information accessibility in “real time” on the machine movements and performance with the possibility of intervening if necessary on the working parameters and modify them instantly.
Monitoring the moulding parameters centrally, you can get details on the machines operation, control its performance, receive sms or e-mail on your smartphone in case of alarm, with detailed description of these anomalies.
Acquiring the production data for each shot, at a central level, it is possible to meet the ISO standards, related to the quality and traceability of each piece control, produced by the machine, which is critical not only for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, but currently for each application area.