eMC Full Electric

A machine that globally confirms the benefits of “full electric” technology, resulting in a combination of advantages i.e. increasing production rates whilst achieving cost reductions, the highest part quality and the lowest noise levels

All these benefits are possible thanks to electric drives working totally independent of each other, thereby allowing ‘overlapping’ of functions whilst being extremely precise, due to the finite control of position and speed.

Characterized by an innovative double five-point toggle design, the moving platen incorporates self- lubricating bushes and is supported on platen shoes incorporating roller bearings. The platen is guided via tie-bars that are tempered and chrome plated. The toggle pins are hardened and tempered with the bushes being manufactured from high resistance bronze.
Centralized grease lubrication system, both for the toggle and all the machine ball screws drives.
It is possible to set the mould safety with a specific number of attempts to close and then to alarm out so that intervention procedures can be carried out.
Ejector with rapid connection, available in a wide choice of operating modes.

Clamping force self regulation by means of a loading cell fitted on the toggle. The actual clamping force is indicated on the screen and can be used as a quality control feature.

The injection unit is based on a ball screw with a high load capacity and two independent motors for the activation of all stages of the injection process with back pressure force controlled via an absolute loading cell.
The screw and barrel ‘quick-change’ facilitates easy substitution.
The temperature stabilization feature ensures that the screw can rotate only when the material temperature is homogeneous throughout the cylinder.
The injection profiles of post-pressure and plasticizing are divided and independently adjustable in steps from 1 to 8.
Plasticization start can be delayed, whilst suck back can take place before or after dosing and overlapped during mould opening.