It is estimated that more than 20% of world production of plastic is for the automobile industry. In recent years we have witnessed a strong activity in the substitution of metal components in favour of plastic.
BMB is able to tailor our machines suit exactly the finished product, such as bumpers, dash boards, head lights and “under bonnet” components.

The introduction of new resins with higher wear resistance and improved thermal and mechanical properties has widened the potential of “under bonnet” thermoplastic products, be they motor components, tans or radiators.


In close cooperation with leading companies in the automotive lighting industry, we have developed innovative solutions for machines with 2-3 or 4 injection units and incorporating rotary table technology capable of achieving the highest levels of precision and reliability in the moulding of highly complex light clusters. Paying particular attention to programming in order to simplify the moulding cycle setting procedures and thus reduce the set-up times.


The automotive industry is constantly evolving and constantly demands components that can reduce the final assembly time. Another requirement is to produce components incorporating additional features such as moulded in seals to absorb vibrations and reduce noise levels during the vehicle running and multiple colours or materials to enhance design features.

We have therefore designed systems optimized for every need for example:
• components with different moulded materials or inserts.
• co-injection.
• gas injection.
• rotary tables or ‘core back’ technology