There are no limits to the size of articles to be produced.
The range of larger BMB machines comprises 11 models ranging from 1300 tonnes clamp to 4500 tonnes clamp, either with the KW toggle system (Full Electric up to 2200 tonnes clamp) or with the hydraulic ‘block and lock’ 2 platen series designated as KX models.
9 injection units are incorporated within the ranges with screw diameters from 100mm to 240mm.
Any clamp unit can be combined with any injection unit each with the option of 3 different screw sizes.
With this number of combinations any application can be matched perfectly to suit the final product.

Extended opening strokes

Thanks to their generous opening strokes, wide tie bar spacing and high clamping force applied over the whole mould surface the KW design is ideal to meet any specific market need.

Central accumulater system

All BMB machines benefit from a central accumulator system and in particular the elevated injection speeds enable thin wall section components to be manufactured even large products.
Additionally, the accumulator system is energy efficient as it allows the back pressure holding phase to be maintained without any power consumption even over extended periods.
This is possible as the accumulator system is directly connected to the injection piston under pressure.