KX closure with large sized surfaces and long opening strokes.

Long sliding blocks for an excellent machine rigidity.

Accumulators on all working phases.

Colour touch screen monitor.

Anchorage support of base tie bars.

Ejection plate in line and easy.


A series of machines specifically designed to meet the demands of the industrial sector that requires high tonnages and can accommodate large moulds that require large platen areas combined with long opening strokes.
These machines are compact in design and incorporate extended moving platen supports to ensure machine rigidity and a central hydraulic accumulator system to enhance machine performance and energy efficiency.

Being equipped with 2 long stroke pistons designed for rapid movements, the stability of the KX clamp unit is guaranteed as the lower tie bars are supported by the 2 long robust sliding blocks ensuring smooth movements and perfect parallelism even with deep draw heavy moulds.

The actual final clamp is applied by 4 high pressure pistons with each one being independently
controlled via servo valves and proximity switches to ensure synchronized operation.

The injection units in the KX series must meet power requirements and typical injection volumes in the “two platen” category. They are dimensioned according to customer requirements, with the possibility of extremely flexible “clamping force injection” combinations.
This allows us to meet practically all requirements. The Moog servo-valve, which works in a closed loop for speed and pressure, perfectly controls the filling phase of the mould cavity and the maintenance phase, ensuring speed, precision and repetition. The barrel and plasticising screw have also benefited for the entire project. In fact, as well as having an excellent length diameter ratio for the better uniformity of the material and elevated plasticisation, it was designed for rapid replacement, an ideal solution for anyone who, on moulding different materials, wants to reduce time and waste due to production start-up.

Remote assistance allows diagnosis and interventions on the injection molding machines control system. Communication with eKW Series machines uses a network connection via TCP / IP software installed on the PC that will communicate with the machine.
In moulding departments this means information accessibility in “real time” on the machine movements and performance with the possibility of intervening if necessary on the working parameters and modify them instantly.
Monitoring the moulding parameters centrally, you can get details on the machines operation, control its performance, receive sms or e-mail on your smartphone in case of alarm, with detailed description of these anomalies.
Acquiring the production data for each shot, at a central level, it is possible to meet the ISO standards, related to the quality and traceability of each piece control, produced by the machine, which is critical not only for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, but currently for each application area.