eKW Clamping system.

Touch screen control panel.

Direct drive system with torque motors.

Satellite roller screws for all operations.

Rolled tie bars and bronze nuts.

Machine tool CNC control system.

Closed circuit central unit to cool, motors, roller screws and bearings.

eKW Full Electric

A new concept of machine focusing on efficiency and production costs reduction, offering many advantages: power saving, reduced water consumption, significant lowering of noise levels, minimum lubricant costs due to the use of satellite roller screws working in water cooled sealed oil baths. These features ensure high reliability, repeatability and accuracy.

By using the unique KW clamping system, which totally eliminates platen deflection, perfect parallelism is guaranteed whilst accommodating especially extended opening strokes.

Platen movement by direct drive satellite roller screws, ensure high load capacity and improved performance.

The machine reliability and rationality is enhanced by reduced footprint, water cooled sealed brushless motors, and hence mould area free of any contaminants.

Original BMB technology demonstrating a completely innovative functional approach. The injection unit incorporates a satellite roller screw with a high load capacity that works in an oil bath.

The plasticization and injection movements are driven by two coupled synchronous motors: the first one makes the injection movement, the second one the screw rotation movement. Directly connected without any intermediate transmission unit. As a result, the direct torque drives avoid any power loss and ensure low wear.

As the drives are water cooled, rapid cycle times are achieved and accuracy and total reproducibility are assured without any overheating.

All the BMB machines motors and mechanical functions are controlled by a special CNC numeric control system originally developed for the machine tool industry but customized and perfected for BMB full electric machines to ensure ultimate performance with total safety. The drives recover the braking energy thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the system.

The system is completely integrated for the setting and control functions, making it easy to reach the parameters set for all the cycle values. The setting procedure is considerably simplified requiring only three values to be input i.e. position, speed and pressure.
All set parameters have a finite control with acceleration and deceleration automatically adjusted.

BMB is actively involved in the scenario Factory 4.0 with systems that make machines “intelligent communicating entities” even remotely, integration with IT and ITC world.

The remote assistance service allows interventions on the control system in real time through a TPC / IP company network connection and an Internet connection. The content of the of the machine control system screen page can in fact be viewed and edited remotely by PC workstations and other devices.