Typically, high volumes at low production costs are the pre-requisites in the manufacture of caps and closures.
Therefore, machine performance and reliability are key factors to enable cost effective production.
With a vast amount of experience amassed over the years, BMB is able to guide the customer to make the right choice to meet any production need.


This type of closure has become increasingly more popular in every-day use both for personal hygiene such as shampoos, lotions, cosmetics etc. and also for containers for the household cleaning detergents.
It is a basic article requiring high technology.
The BMB control system allows the programming in a simple and effective way any moulding sequence, even the most complex. Any hydraulic, pneumatic or electric movement can be freely set to work in a perfectly coordinated sequence.

The use of machines with two or more injection groups allows the realization of complex caps and closures with modern and attractive design.


The continuous trend towards weight reduction makes the production of caps for mineral water and soft drinks a complex technological challenge. The eKW Full Electric injection molding machines ensure the necessary performance in terms of speed and precision, with low energy consumption to efficiently produce any type of caps in a low-cost unit.