A never-ending story of evolution

In over 50 years of activity, we have always focused on “360 °” of total quality. This policy led us to be a company embedded into the future, highly competitive on the world stage and backed by important strategic resources.
Our main premises are located in the city of Brescia, in the industrial heartland of Italy and organized into 3 leading edge production units, complemented by modern and functional design offices.
Sales and After-sales subsidiaries located in important commercial areas create an efficient infrastructure dedicated to the end users.

Mission & Know-How

Our challenge

For any moulding requirement, no matter how complex, you can always count on BMB. We can transform any of your projects into a success outcome for your company.
We are able to do this thanks to our high level of engineering, envied world-wide for its precision and consistency resulting in machines with the highest technology that will perform 24/7 with outstanding performance levels but also able to achieve low energy consumption.
This is why we are the trusted partners of the companies that demand the best and are secure in the knowledge that, in our 5 decades of existence, always uppermost in our thoughts was to mature and improve in order to put all our experience and passion into the development of machines that will remain at the forefront.

Technology and innovation

Infallible results

The precision of an injection moulded article is dependent upon the precision of the injection moulding machine.
This is why we produce our machines to exacting standards with scrupulous attention to every technical detail utilizing the latest generation of “high class machining centres”.
We follow directly all phases of the onsite production process whilst maintaining maximum flexibility and global quality.
All levels of BMB production are supported by computer technology and by utilization of the best available materials: this results in the most precise machines with huge productivity and reliability

Factories and departments

Each machine is 100% BMB

The final assembly is a very precise and careful process, executed with the most sophisticated technologies by highly experienced technicians. The test is scrupulous, the controls and final checks are very attentive.
All these meticulous actions render safe and perfect the BMB machines from every aspect. Nothing is left to chance.
BMB is organized into 4 lines covering three production plants. The first two plants are dedicated to the assembly and test of the KW160-3500 tonnes machines, the eKW100-1150 tonnes Full Electric machines and the Hybrid eKW160-2200 tonnes machines.
In the third brand new unit we assemble and test the very large machines KX series over 2000 tonnes clamp force.


Continuous innovation

We invest constantly in research, innovation and development to always ensure solutions with high performance levels and extraordinary quality
The competence of our technicians and designers represents the “plus” that guarantees to our customers a service that goes further than the realization of the product and that covers any exigency. Our technical office, organised into Mechanical, Electrical and Software divisions, makes use of the most modern technologies for the planning and the simulation of the various production processes, to constantly guarantee the perfection of BMB machines from every aspect.