Confirming the desire not only to be the supplier of excellent technologies to our customers but to go that ‘extra mile’ and actively participate in the role of partner to the customer, BMB provides specialist consulting to find the ideal machine for every need and thereby bring the most added value each project. Pre-purchase advice and guidance, the fruits of know-how gained in over 40 years of working with and direct dialogue with the industry, provides the highest level of support for all our customers.

Parts and Service

BMB is also well aware of the importance of whole life ownership cost of a machine and on the basis of this principle, has organized its own After Sales Service division to provide adequate scheduled maintenance and rapid intervention to cover any eventuality. The extensive global service operation is staffed by skilled and dedicated personnel. Equally important is the efficiency of the spare parts department, the allocation of parts of all machines, computerized management systems and most importantly the fast delivery of original spare parts.


BMB offers customized training courses whereby customers can choose the type of training best suited to their needs from basic maintenance to processing in order to maximize the full potential of the comprehensive technologies available on the BMB machines.
Training can be carried out either at the BMB headquarters or at the customer’s plant.

Guaranteed second-hand machines

BMB has some accurately refurbished machines which are able to solve specific production needs at favorable investment levels. Excellent alternatives that still conform to BMB quality and reliability levels.

To receive specific and personalized offers for machines “guaranteed second-hand” BMB use this form.