“PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION CODE” (Legislative decree 196/2003)

Disclosure – Work with Us

In accordance with and pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Code regarding the protection of personal data”, we inform you that the company BMB S.p.a. processes your personal data that you provide, as a work candidate, in order to establish an employment relationship or professional cooperation with this company. BMB S.p.a. company ensures that the processing of your personal data is held in highest regard with respect to your rights and fundamental freedoms and dignity. most of all your privacy, personal identity and your rights concerning personal data protection.

  1. Purpose of Personal Data Processing (Article 13, paragraph 1, point aof Legislative Decree 196/2003)

All personal data provided freely by the user to BMB S.p.a. company are processed to fulfil such obligations set forth by laws, rules and regulations, civil law, insurance, community laws and provisions issued by authorities entitled by law and/or supervisory commissions. The communication of such data is meant for research, selection e evaluation as a potential staff member in order to commence an employment relationship or professional collaboration at BMB S.p.a.

  1. Methods of personal data processing (Article 13, paragraph 1, point aof Legislative Decree 196/2003)

Your personal data is processed at the operational headquarters of BMB S.p.A. (via E. Roselli, 12 in Brescia) or wherever necessary, among the persons listed in paragraph 4 by utilizing either paper or computer, via telephone or web through automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data by taking any necessary and cautionary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. All of this is carried out in accordance with the provisions ofAnnex B “Technical Regulations concerning Matters of Minimum Security Measures” of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 “Code regarding the protection of personal data”, so as to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, unauthorized access and processing that is not pertinent to the collection of the data. Your personal data, in accordance with Article 11 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 are processed lawfully and fairly; they are collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes; updated if necessary; adequate, relevant and not excessively in relation to the purposes of processing the data. The data will be stored at BMB S.p.a. company for a short period of time in relation to the purpose and methods employed for the data processing, after which it will be cleared and purged. For whatever reason, if you deem it is no longer necessary that the purpose of the data processing is in their best interests, a written notice can be sent to BMB S.p.a. which will grant an immediate cancellation of the data collected.

  1. Nature of the collection and consequences in the case that data is not provided (Article 13, paragraph 1, point b and cof Legislative Decree 196/2003)

Providing your personal data is optional. The refusal to provide personal data will make it impossible for BMB S.p.a. to carry out research and selection as specified above.

The processing of your sensitive personal data is carried out in compliance with the provisions outlined with authorization granted by the Privacy Garante for processing such data, accompanied by your written consent.

  1. Communication and disclosure of personal data (Article 13, paragraph 1, point dof Legislative Decree 196/2003)

Your personal data, if and when necessary, can be “communicated” (by this we mean, we may grant access to your details to one or more known parties):

  • to individuals whose right to access the data is recognized by legal provisions, secondary and community legislation;
  • to individuals within our organization in charge of data processing in compliance with legislative decree 196/2003, within the limits prescribed by the relevant duties and/or contractual obligations.

Specific consent will be requested if the subject’s personal data need to be disclosed to third parties not explicitly indicated.

Your personal data of any kind whatsoever (whether it be common and/or sensitive) can not be disclosed. By this we mean that your personal details may not be accessed in any way whatsoever to one or more unidentifiable individuals.

  1. The data controller and owner (Article 13, paragraph 1, pointfof Legislative Decree 196/2003)

The owner of the personal data processing is BMB S.p.a. corporation.

Currently, Ing. Marco Bugatti is responsible for security and protection of personal data and can be contacted at the headquarters of BMB S.p.a. in Via E. Roselli, 12 in Brescia.

  1. Data User’s Rights (Article 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003)

In any instance the user can exercise their rights according to Article 7 of legislative decree 196/2003:

The party concerned shall be entitled to access the personal data.

The party concerned shall be entitled to obtain a confirmation of the existence whether or not the personal data concerns the user, even if not yet recorded, and the communications in a comprehensible form.

The party concerned shall be entitled to obtain information:

  • the origin of personal data, the purpose and the processing method;
  • the logic applied when electronic instruments are used;
  • the identity of the owner and managers
  • the subjects or the categories of subjects where the personal data can be communicated or whoever may be made aware of it in their capacity as representatives in the State, managers or appointed representatives.

The party concerned shall be entitled to obtain the following:

  • updating, correction or, when necessary, integration of the data;
  • cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or freezing of data in any infringement of law, including data that does not need to be saved in relation to the purpose in which the data has been collected o subsequently processed.

The party concerned shall be entitled to object, in whole or in part:

  • for legitimate reasons for the processing of personal data, albeit it pertains to collection purposes;
  • for the processing of personal data for the purposes of sending advertising materials or direct sales outlets or for carrying out marketing research or business and marketing communication.

You may be exercise your rights listed above with an informal request (hand delivered, by traditional mail or by fax) to the owner or to the Security and Protection manager of personal data at the headquarters of BMB S.p.a. in Via E. Roselli, 12 in Brescia or by means of the following email address: