Düsseldorf (Germany) 19th – 26th October 2022

BMB focuses on speed, thin-walled production and energy saving.

After the pandemic, a time full of great uncertainty that led to reduced investments in research and development and this in conjunction with the energy price increase is strongly affecting our lives, thus leading BMB to focus on energy savings for K 2022.
BMB’s goal is to aim at high productivity but give new breathing space to the packaging manufacturers.

With 4 production cells running during the exhibition, BMB will convey the message of great reliability even for the most demanding applications, an example of which will be a cycle time of 2.3 s.but with a particular focus on energy consumption reduction.
If consumption can be contained with these fast cycles, the benefits are guaranteed.
The machines will also be equipped with a new CNC control where the operator interface is improved thanks to a larger screen and the integration of some new digital functions.


eKW70HP/3450 WP Hybrid

The application involves the moulding of thin-walled round containers with wrap-around and bottom IML. A cycle time of 4,8 s. will ensure the production of 8 containers with 2 labels each, monitored by cameras and then packaged. This system is a customized production cell which will be shipped to the end user after the fair.

Thanks to HolyGrail 2.0 technology, the label is able to show the content details through a smartphone. This important feature allows the transfer of multiple information that may relate to production, expiry date or recycling instructions. The cameras used in the recycling plants can in fact collect information on the material and therefore direct and separate the different types of plastic for an accurate recycling process.


eKW28Pi/1300+330 full electric

The application concerns the production of two-color flip-tops for cosmetics, from a 16- cavity mould. The 280 tonnes full electric machine exhibited will showcase a high precision moulding, with weights of only 2.3 g for the base and 1 g for the top in a 11 seconds cycle time. The two-color or two-component injection molding machines are increasingly requested for various sectors and needs, in case of an item made combining different weights and/or materials.


eKW85HP/12500 Hybrid

This 850 tonnes high performance machine is the ideal machine for packaging applications with products that of a ‘deep draw’ design such as buckets, home containers, hospital and other waste material containers. This machine is characterized by a very high injection speed, necessary for the correct production of thin-walled parts. Thanks to the direct electric drives and roller recirculation screws on opening and closing, extraction and plasticization, it is possible to obtain energy consumption that is really similar to that of a fully electric press, with the advantage of an injection speed of about 2 m/s.


eKW20Pi/700 full electric (c/o stand Enelkon 12/A43)

This application represents perhaps one of the best examples of productivity with a very low energy consumption. All this is possible thanks to a perfect balance between machine, mould, automation and ancilliary accessories. The eKW20Pi/700 full electric machine model will be exhibited at our partner Enelkon’s stand (Hall 12/A43). Enelkon will be demonstrating the entire cell, consisting of an IML automation system, equipped with 10 cameras and a stacking system to place the products in cardboard boxes.

The new BMB machine controller

The new control represents at the same time an important step towards digitalization, thanks to advanced functions in support of the operator called to parameterize the best possible cycle; a mechanical keyboard is used to select the main functions of the machine, while a virtual touch keyboard allows the programming of non-critical functions.
The operator is recognized by the machine and authorized to different programming and visualization levels according to the function. Naturally, with the new CNC control, both the instruction manual with on-line help function and the integration of peripherals and data collection are primary functions in a 4.0 perspective.


For over 50 years BMB has pursued uncompromising product quality. This philosophy that has seen BMB remain anchored to strategic choices, linked to direct drives with recirculating roller screws, to the best platens parallelism that can be found on the market and to many other peculiarities, has significantly contributed to giving a high-quality identity brand quality.
Centralized oil lubrication, liquid cooling on all drives and braking energy recovery have always made the difference in terms of performance, reliability and energy saving.
Now more than ever the choices of a long and careful research are proving to be fundamental for us and above all for our customers.