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Friedrichshafen, 16th October – 20th October 2018


One of our priorities has always been to put our customers in a position to produce more, without ever neglecting the quality of the moulded product, energy consumption and reliability over time. At Fakuma 2018 we will be focused in fact on speed, precision and constancy obtained through the careful combination of a precision mechanics and a sophisticated electronics, applied to the eKW18Pi full electric injection molding machine.


The machine produces a 23 g. thin-walled food container.


8 main reasons to choose BMB:

1. Cleanliness of the workplace by eliminating the use of oil for machine
2. Reduced cost of production
50 – 60% saving on electricity
80 – 90% reduction of water consumption
3. Consistent reduction of sound emissions;
4. Repeatability and precision;
5. Reduced cost of lubricating oils due to the use of roller screws that work in sealed and water cooled oil baths;
6. Simple setting working parameters;
7. Higher return on investment;
8. Reliability, repetability= lack of rejected parts = efficiency.