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BMB, restarting with Italian quality

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According to BMB, a well-known manufacturer of injection molding machines, quality is the winning element to start again on the right foot and seize growth opportunities.

Maybe we are coming out of a hurricane that in a few months has taken away many certainties, many savings and above all it has shown how quickly a country’s economy can collapse, how quickly work, projects and customers can decrease.

On May 4th, the Italian industrial system has restarted. As in any start, it is important to be driving the most reliable and performing vehicle. It is as if we were all racing a Formula 1 Grand Prix, as if we were all going to the same direction, all as fast as possible. Who has the best car and is a good/an excellent driver is in pole position, who has not the best remains behind, but at some point, for an unexpected reason, the safety car comes out and everything blocks, freezes, all the cars are realigned as for a second start, a second opportunity. All the drivers with the same road ahead again, all with the desire to reach the finish line in an excellent position, but once again the winner will be the best driver with the best car.

BMB is one of the few manufacturers of injection molding machines still under the control of an Italian family, a company where all the mechanics are produced inside and all commercial components are supplied by the best companies on the market. “We have chosen to focus on quality without compromise: the BMB press satisfies the needs of those who choose it for its performance, its versatility and its great reliability over time, regardless of the product to be moulded, either technical, packaging, medical or  automotive, regardless of the energy or labour costs to be cut down, “comments Lucio Strappazzon, BMB Sales Area Manager.


Those who rely on BMB is because they trust – continues Strappazzon -. They trusts the company, the product, the work that is done in Brescia day by day with passion and that will enable them to reach the finish line first. Our customers consider us their strategic partner always available, always close and ready to support them and to run with them in the race with the aim to win. This is the trust that many Italian and worldwide companies pour into BMB and of which we are proud. Everything revolves around this one word: Trust “.

At this crucial time when you have to start on the right foot, then Italian quality will be soon synonimous of winning – this is the message that the Italian-based company wants to launch on the market -. That’s why investing in a BMB machine, in a product, completely designed, built and made in Italy means quality.

The Italian manufacturer’s offer is very wide and allows to satisfy the most demanding molding needs, even if the most requested machines are Hybrid and Full Electric, which alone cover 90% of sales.





eKW-Pi HYBRID (160 ton – 2800 ton).

The Hybrid series is almost completely electric and, consequently, it approaches to full-electric also for low consumption. The patented clamping system, KW series, is operated by 2 direct, liquid-cooled motors, where the transfer of motion occurs through satellite recirculating roller screws, lubricated in an oil bath, to combine speed and precision. The plasticizing is entrusted to the torque motorwith direct drive on the plasticizing screw, without belts and without reducers, technology that reduces moving parts, consumption and breakages over time, as well as guaranteeing superior performance and a close link between the parameters set and the result obtained.

 The hydraulic injection, always under accumulators, is managed with servovalve and closed loop control, to guarantee very high specific speed and pressure throughout the injection phase. The CNC machine tool numeric control system completes the Hybrid series with “user friendly” management software, constantly updated and monitored, if necessary, via web by customer care operators always available.


eKW-PET (100 tons – 350 tons).

The Hybrid series also includes the range of PET machines, designed and optimized for the molding of preforms for bottles, but increasingly in demand also for other types of virgin or regenerated polymer (R-PET) articles. Large manufacturers of household items, toys and preforms are increasingly focusing on recycled material and, for this reason, BMB has been studying for long together with them new injection units with high plasticization capabilities, equipped with special screws and profiles dedicated to new materials.


eKW-Pi FULL ELECTRIC (100 ton – 1400 ton).

Precision and performance are the most appreciated features of these machines, especially by those who produce medical articles, by those who need to control the process accurately or, more generally, for applications in which performance and speed are essential. Full Electric is a machine increasingly requested for its versatility and its reduced consumption: it differs from the Hybrid series only for the electric injection, also in this case obtained with direct motor and recirculation roller screws, technology that BMB has adopted as a standard to guarantee performance, precision and reliability. If the mold requires a hydraulic movement, an oil control unit with a small tank is available as standard, suitable to meet any molding requirement.
The eKW-Pi Full Electric series is also used in the clean room, in medical molding or, more simply, for the world of food & beverage, caps & closures and in all sectors that require the highest quality and performance standards.


eKW-HP (160 ton – 1150 ton).

It is the latest born in BMB. It is a product dedicated to packaging, created to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of filling speed, constant and high specific pressures. Not completely suitable for all the sectors, it has been specifically designed for the world of packaging, thin-walled containers. Quickly filling very large surfaces with reduced thickness is the main reason why HP series exists. As latest creation, however, it is enhanced by some improvements that the elder sisters will see during 2020/2021, such as a 21.5 “touch screen display, controller new functions, more compact overall dimensions and a new redistribution of electrical, electronic and hydraulic mains to simplify wiring and piping. The highlight of the HP series is the injection speed that reaches 1500 mm / s.

KW, KX- (Pi) series (160 ton – 4500 ton).

In the era of digital, industry 4.0 and the now well-known 4th industrial revolution there are products born over 50 years ago that never go down. Over time they have undergone important reinterpretations, they have seen their nature radically modified with the advent of the electric, but the substance of the hydraulic machine does not change. The machines of the KW and KX series occupy a very important role within the range; although the production of hydraulic presses covers approximately 10% of the total, this type of machine is still strategic for the company and for example also meets all needs over 3000 tons, a sector in which BMB has always occupied  an important position. The world of large machines is not made of large numbers, but it is a world of large investments, of machines that must last a lifetime and this is one of the reasons why BMB has been able to distinguish itself and gain a respectable position of over the world.



“It is not a coincidence that today we are completing the 4th production plant of 6,400 square meters intended for the production of machines over 1000 tons. In this new location we are already completing the first 4500 tons and we are starting the second; both of the 2-platen KX series and with injection units capable of guaranteeing the production of articles for the agri-food sector weighing over 40 kg “.

The KW or KX series, depending on the traditional BMB toggle system or 2-platen clamping unit, includes a long list of accessories and, on request, depending on the product to be moulded, can be equipped with an electric screw drive with Torque motor or more simply a pump motor to reduce energy consumption. Both series have injections under accumulator and servovalve, therefore the possibility of overlapping movements to reduce cycle time and optimize consumption. The hydraulic KWseries finds an excellent position in the automotive sector for the production of multi-colored rear lenses, where large distance between tie-bars, high clamping forces and small injection units are needed, very often placed side by side, one above the other or even translating, supported by a motorized rotary table, designed and produced entirely by BMB.




eMC (125 tons – 200 tons)

It is the cheapest full electric series compared to the first in the class, eKW-Pi: or, at least, this was the intention. “BMB’s vocation for the continuous search for performance and quality has made eMC machines today a high-end product, very similar to the more performing eKW – notes Strappazzon -. Over time, the components have been standardized, with the difference that there are no direct drives on the eMC, replaced by motor, belt and gearbox. “The eMC series is designed for molding technical items with cycle times of not less than 10 seconds , where process control is even more important than productivity. Typical examples are medical items, technical molding for the electrical industry and, more generally, multicavity molding with not excessive mold measurements, considering that the clampin force reaches 200 tons