“Una sinergia di successo”: a successful synergy. This was the motto of the booth J47 in the hall 6 of last year’s MecSpe exhibition, and this success is to be re-confirmed for this year’s edition as well. B.M.B., Star Automation Europe, Plastic Systems and Blauwer can’t wait to enchant you with an entirely Industry 4.0-themed automated system, which is definitely going to be the main feature of Parma’s exhibition from March 22nd to 24th.










“BMB will exhibit an IMM, model eKW16Pi/700, one of the smallest machinefrom eKW Full Electric series, designed for fast cycles and thin-walled products moulding. 
The CNC control installed on the eKW IMM allows to reach centesimal levels of precision without needing to renounce to speed performances. The IMM itself and the entire working cell are therefore perfectly integrated with external machinery, such as robots and peripherals, thus achieving the advantages of Industry 4.0. This machine represents reliability, precision, speed, low noise levels, compactness and, above all, energy saving. All eKW Full Electric series machines are designed with a particular degree of attention to environment-related problems, thus joining the success due to the patent of the KW toggle with a drastic reduction of energy consumption and noise. Thanks to the elimination of oil usage for the machine movements, the working space cleaning activities are also simplified.”


The core of the 4.0-themed industrialisation the system symbolises is represented by the info point visitors will find when approaching the stand, a screen on which Moulding Monitor software, developed by the italian company Gruppo Sistema, will be displayed. This system enables an integrated communication with the machines by centrally receiving data, remote-displaying them on the screen and integrating itself with the customer management software.  Data are refreshed on real time every moulding cycle, and made usable both for operational and statistic purpouses, so that any production manager can easily monitor production conditions and machinery programming. From the software dashboard, one can check the list of the interconnected machines  and their statuses, as well as current production information; it is also possible to view for each of them control parametres and related values.